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Millennium Tape Testimonials

Michelle Costa,

Sew Special Designs, East Hanover, NJ.

I am a Drapery Workroom and I specialize in custom lampshades. Last year I purchased my "trial" role of 1/2" Millennium Tape.

I tried  it out with putting on trim on my lampshades. What a neat product! I had used glue in the past, and let me tell you, when a glue drops or rubs on the face of a shade...its ruined.

Glue dries shiny and after all that work handsewing a shade, you can imagine. At this point, I decided to try the Millennium Tape. It takes a little more time to apply, but well worth the effort. No drips or smudges, and bonds beautifully!!! I was so thrilled, its all I use for shade trims. And since shades aren't dry cleaned, its my choice! 

I love the millennium tape for my lampshade- making and it helps in so many ways. I never use glue on shades anymore!


Keys Home Furnishings,

Summerland Key, FL

I have been using Millenium Tape and its great!

It's a tape that bonds fabric and it works! It's easy to use, no ironing (great for those in hot climates), fast and secure. So far I have used it to stick Velcro on a sofa frame to stabalize the slipcover, used it to glue face fabric to blackout lining in roman shades (no pin holes!) It has held well, even in the high humidity we have in the Florida Keys. This tape has infinite possibilities...I'm thinking removable dust ruffles at ta fracton of the regular cost...cornices without ugly staples. So much to tests and play with. also, dealing with Rachel from SMC Direct has been a real pleasure. She takes time to  understand what I am trying to do, and shared my delight when I told her the great results! This is a supplier that I defninitely recommend using, no affiliation disclaimer....Just a happy customer.


Professional Drapery Forum, August, 

I have tried this tape. I was amazed. It did exactly as I was told it would. The fringe on a Murphy valence hung perfectly. It is great for matching up prints that need to be seamed together. I have also used it to apply rope cording to the top of cornices, so far it has not come loose. The bond is tighter than ever! 


Kim Munson, 

The Drape Vine, Tower Hill, IL

I love the Millennium Tape! I use it all the time to

adhere fringes  and trims to drapes. I even use it to attach trim to pillows. I had one woman who had me attach trim to a swag and cascade tratment while it was still hanging on the window!

I find myself finding new uses for the tape almost all the time! I love the tape and would recommentd it to people for fun activities also! 


Ginny Conner, 

I attached almost all of my banding with the tape.

If I feel the banding needs to be sewn on, I make sure the tape is just inside of the seam line and sew on after attaching with the tape. This method keeps the bading very straight for sewing, much better than pinning. I like to attach the tape to the band and then fold over the edge using the straight edge of the tape and press. This makes a clean, straight edge. Then I pull off the paper backing and stick down a neat, straight band.


M & K Drapery Designs, 

Lafayette, LA, 

I have tried your tape on some Roman Shade tops to hide the staples and serger stitching. I love it! No more burnt fingers! The excess glue is easy to work under the himp also. I plan to use it for velvet lettering on the fabric chair backs! I am really enjoying the fabric to fabric adhesive....just finished putting ribbon on a tie back, and just above the ruffle on a valence for a shower curtain. We have a new Monster!! I keep trying to think of new things to try them on!!


Thread Tales,

Neward, DE

This tape replaces  hot melt glue. The Millennium Tape Glue comes right off the needle or anywhere else with my fingers. I am also using it for a large window-seat cushion. The tape is very flexible to work with and works well on heavy tapestry chintz, all cushions, on duvet covers and cornice boards.



I can't believe the many uses that I keep coming up with for this tape. So far, I have used it for the following: applying fringe and cording....matching seams on drapery panels, then sewing them together....settng zippers in suede and leather.


The Sewing Room, 

Overland Park, KS

I believe, I believe, I believe!!!! Wow, what did I do before this tape came along. I just finished a large window treatment of swags mounted on a top curved board. The swags had tassel trim on them and the curve had an 1/2" self-welt. I used Millennium Tape for both and it was wonderful! The trim looks better than any I have ever done. No stitch line on the back of the swags and the trim is just as smooth as ever. The welt on the top curve looks perfect. There are no puckers where the staples usually push the welt ever so slightly out of line. 

Next, I used the tape to keep the cascades from flaring out. The material was very heavy and I had to use black out lining which added to the bulk. since the cascades were mounted over the swag as opposed to under swags, they really were flaring out. A little tab of tape behind each pleat and they hung beautifully. I used to pin the pleats into place when I encountered this problem, but it was always so difficult to keep the pleasts from puckering or keep pins from showing. Problem solved with this Millennium Tape. I plan on buying a roll for my installer to have him keep on this truck for dressing out teatments.



I used this product on a drapery installation about sixteen years ago and the client just brought me back to have them cleaned.  Swags, draped over metal rods in a bathroom with a "walk-through" shower for sixteen years!!  I obviously need some more tape :). I'm not running the business any more, but definitely gave a "tape shout out" to my Drapery Pro friends when I saw how this product held up!